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Weather in Spain, Coastal Areas & Islands

This page contains articles related to the weather in Spain. Especially the coastal areas and islands we feature on this website. Spain is a vast country and the weather varies from one area to another. This is also true for both island groupings, a distance of over 2000 km’s separate them.

Weather in Spain

The Weather In Spain & Average Temperature

The weather in northern Spain is much colder during the winter months. Much of northern and northeastern Spain lie close to the Pyrenees Mountains. Here the temperature can drop well below freezing. This is also true for many of the areas that lie to the south.

The average yearly temperature in the north of Spain is between 5 – 10 Celsius in most places. The summer months will yield an average temperature of 20 – 25 Celsius.

Weather in Southern Spain

In southern and eastern Spain the temperature remains mild during the colder months. The summer months will bring temperatures that can exceed 40 Celsius. Most places will not drop below freezing. The mountainous areas will be much colder due to the altitude. Even so, they do not see freezing temperatures like northern Spain.

The average yearly temperature in southern Spain is between 12 – 14 Celsius. The summer months can average as high as 30 Celsius. This is especially true in July and August when most of Spain is at it’s hottest. The months of June and September can also get much hotter than the average temperature suggests.

Spanish Islands Weather

There is also a vast difference between the two major groupings of islands. The Canary Islands tend to be warm throughout the year. The temperature does not drop much below 17 Celsius. These islands enjoy a tropical climate which make them ideal for winter holidays.

The Balearic Islands can see hot temperatures that exceed 40 Celsius in summer. Winter sees the average temperature drop to around 7 Celsius. As a result, these islands tend to be much busier during the summer months.

We have written extensive articles about the weather in Spain which are visible on this page. Most of these articles are for the mainland coastal areas and islands.

Weather in Spain

Average Temperatures in Spain

The chart below gives an idea of the average yearly temperature in Spain. This displays most of the major regions and rough temperature for each month. Please click image for full size.

Average Temperatures in Spain

Weather in Spain

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