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Surfing in Spain, Top Spots & Locations

With just under 5,000 kilometres of coastline, the surfing in Spain, although not the best in the world, is still pretty awesome. During the summer months Spain is a magnet for holidaymakers from all over Europe and The United Kingdom, with most visitors flocking to the warmer southern areas such as the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol to enjoy surfing & other water activities.
Surfing in Spain

Surfing In Spain & Great Spots To Surf

This time of year enjoys fantastic weather and endless days of sunshine, perfect for family holidays where a lot of the holiday resorts have fine sandy beaches and often calm, shallow waters, ideal for children. Although a fun place and time of year for ”holiday surfers” the perfect conditions for surfing in Spain are during the colder months from the end of September to April. Some good swells can be found in the Southern areas of the Mediterranean, but the mighty Atlantic oceans that pounds the northern coast is where you will the best surfing & windsurfing spots in Spain due to the similarities between the sports..

Best Surfing Spots In Northern Spain

The Basque region in the north of the country enjoys some of the best surfing spots in Spain and attracts surfing enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world. The region is home to one of the most notoriously dangerous bodies of water on the planet, the Bay of Biscay where giant swells come in from the Atlantic, pounding the jagged coastline. Here is where the heart of the surfing action is.

Mundaka, Basque Region

Probably the number 1 spot for surfing in Spain, Mundaka holds legendary status among the world’s nomadic tribes of surfers. Perfect swells form due to a combination of river currents coming into the Mundaka estuary and mixing with the currents of the ocean, creating a perfect sandbank which produces one of the most thrilling waves to be found anywhere in the world. Whereas some top surfing spots are extremely dangerous to access yet pretty easy to surf, the opposite applies to Munduka. Accessed easily from the harbour, the hard part is surfing this monster which tends not to taper off gently but rather bombards surfers onto the shallow sand bank in a steep plunge.

Zarautz, Basque Region

When writing about surfing in Spain, let’s not forget, most surfers love to party. Zarautz doesn’t have the hugest swells in the region, but it’s certainly the best party spot for surfers in the north of the country. The town is lively and a Mecca in the summer months for both surfing and partying. The waters and sandy beach are perfect for those who prefer a more chilled ride without the unpredictable reefs and rocks where the larger and more difficult waves are found. A short drive from the town is the beautiful city of San Sebastion, a culinary gem often referred to as the gastro capital of Spain. This is another great place to surf if you are not an expert, with long steady waves known to the locals as La Zurriola. With so much coastline and hundreds of beaches, coves and reefs, it’s not easy to choose the best surfing spots in Spain so I have chosen my personal top 3 surfing spots.

Meñakoz, Basque Region

North of the city of Bilbao and near the town of Sopelana is the legendary surfing beach of Meñakoz. Known by serious surfers long before surfing even took off in Europe, this is not an easy wave to surf and can be unpredictable and even down right dangerous. Coming in off the deep Atlantic ocean the waves, which can reach 20 ft, pound the reef with the peak changing direction with each set whilst the right hander rampages into the rocky bay. Newcomers would do well to study the locals who have perfected their rock dodging skills.

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