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Paragliding in Spain & Costa Blanca

Paragliding is a popular recreational and competitive sport, similar to hang gliding that has come on in leaps and bounds since its first concept in the early 1950’s. As the sport and the safety issues around it have improved over the years, paragliding in Spain has seen a great surge in popularity.┬áThere are now various forms of paragliding since it was first studied as a way of improving a standard parachute’s maneuverability. Modern day paragliders come in all shapes and sizes, to suit both novices and those with experience.
Paragliding in Spain

Paragliding In Costa Blanca & Spain

The Paraglider equipment itself is made of high performance materials such as nylon and polyester and comprise a canopy with suspension lines that support the pilot in a harness below. The canopy is made up of 2 layers of material with rows of individual cells between them that catch the incoming air flow giving the canopy its shape and stability. The pilot steers, brakes and accelerates the paraglider by using a combination of hand held controls, body weight shifting and foot control attached to the harness.

Costa Blanca Tandem Paragliding – Outbound Adventures

Outbound Adventures offer a unique opportunity to experience paragliding with a trained professional with you the whole time. Tandem Paragliding is a great way to introduce yourself to the sport with a qualified pilot taking care of the flying leaving you free to enjoy the stunning views on offer. Outbound Adventures offer their Tandem Paragliding services from many of the top paragliding locations on the Costa Blanca such as Santa Pola and Guadalest. Outbound also provide their expertise in many other surrounding locations which includes Altea, Calpe, Sella, and Agost. The area of Guadalest Valley is one of the most picturesque locations in Spain and home to the “Eagles Nest”, the famous castle that overlooks the town below. Guadalest attracts more than 2 millions tourists each year, very few of those will get to see this ancient town from the aerial view that Outbound Adventures offer. Outbound also offer many different hiking and walking services in some of the most beautiful areas of Costa Blanca. Below you will find a few images of some of the places you will be able to enjoy, click for full screen. Please visit the Outbound Adventure Contact page for more information about their services.

Top Paragliding Spots In Spain

Paragliding can be enjoyed throughout Spain with the launch & landing areas along with wind conditions determining the difficulty rating of the flight. Wind direction also plays a big part in choosing the most appropriate and safest spots to fly. Below are some top paragliding spots in Spain for pilots of all abilities from beginner to expert.

Guadalest, Costa Blanca – Guadalest is a magical location around 20 km’s inland from Benidorm. Guadalest is also known as the “Eagles Nest” with over 2 millions tourist visitors per year. The area offers some breath-taking views, especially from an aerial view when Paragliding over the town and valley’s below. Set high up on a pinnacle and carved out of a mountain top, Paragliding above and around the ancient castle (main image above) is an awesome experience offered by Outdoor Activities.

Ronda La Vieja, Malaga – This is the perfect spot for beginners to practice the sport as it is a private paragliding area with gentle top to bottom flying and usually predictable wind conditions. If you are a beginner, it is always best to choose a private flying area so as not to have the worry or limitation of sharing a flying space with others. The site is accessible to all types of vehicle.

Teba, Malaga – Another excellent area for beginners where the flying takes place in a town !! Teba is great for getting in a lot of launch and landing practice, with the drive between the take off and landing areas taking just 5 minutes. The take off is at the end of a street and once in the air the capability for sustained soaring is good, with a very large landing area. The site is accessible to all types of vehicle.

Matalasca├▒as Beach, Huelva – This is a beautiful place to fly for pilots of any level. Over 20 kilometres of golden sand beaches backed by dunes and gentle hills, perfect for sunrise and sunset flying over the sand and ocean. This area makes an excellent platform for nervous beginners who like the safety of a soft landing, although if falling from a height, water can hurt !! The site is accessible to all types of vehicle.

Algodonales, Cadiz – Regarded as one of the best flying areas in Europe, Algodonales is a popular spot in the winter and autumn months when the flying conditions are more preferable. Although favoured by more experienced flyers, who take advantage of the excellent thermals giving them good cross country runs, the area is large and there are easier options with good landing sites. The site is accessible to all types of vehicle.

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Parasailing in Spain

Parasailing in Spain
Paragliders are launched by running down a slope until the air flow is sufficient to lift the canopy and pilot into the air. The most popular form of paragliding in Spain is actually called parasailing. Very often mistaken for paragliding, where instead of launching, maneuvering and landing, using only the pilots abilities, the parasail is actually connected by means of a cable to a speed boat. The boat tows the pilot off a beach or launch platform in the sea. In this way, much of the handling is performed by the speedboat, and height or decent regulated by the cable on a winch. Parasailing facilities can now be found on practically every large beach in Spain and can be enjoyed by all age groups, either flying solo or in tandem.