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Spain is the largest country in Southern Europe which has become the most important country in the world for tourism.
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In monetary value, tourists that visit Spain are spending over 40 billion Euros every year. Made up of the Spanish Mainland, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, a few small colonies in Morocco and some smaller uninhabited islands off the Strait of Gibraltar, the correct term for this beautiful country is the “Kingdom of Spain”. The entire land mass covers over 500,000 km2 with a population of just under 50 million inhabitants. The Spanish Mainland is made up of many diverse coastal areas known as the Spanish Costas, particularly in the Southern and Eastern areas of the country. Madrid is the capital and most populated city in the country which lies inland, almost central to everywhere else.

Climate, Costas & Cities

Much of the Spanish mainland is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and enjoys hot weather with dry summers. This is particularly true in the Eastern and Southern areas where the climate can be very arid, much the same as a desert. The Northern parts experience much cooler conditions in winter and tend to be much greener owing to the increased rainfall. Much of North of Spain shares a border with the Pyrenees Mountains, the temperature here can drop well below freezing in winter.

Costa Blanca

Popular Activities

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Spanish Weather

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