Weather in Gran Canaria in April 2019

The weather in Gran Canaria in April is improving with the arrival of spring. The average temperature during this month is a warm 20 Celsius with little rainfall. Below we provide detailed information about what to expect if you plan to visit in April. This includes average temperatures, expected rainfall and hours of sunshine.

April is a great month to visit the Canary Islands and Gran Canaria is no exception. March and April tend to see high levels of tourism here as the weather improves. The beautiful resorts here will now be seeing more activity as we enter the warmer months.

Weather in Gran Canaria in April

Weather in Gran Canaria in April

The weather in Gran Canaria in April is usually at it’s warmest towards the end of the month. The beginning of April sees an average temperature of 19 Celsius. This then increases during the middle of the month before peaking at 21 Celsius at the end of the month. April has seen a record temperature of almost 35 Celsius in recent years. Often this month will see plenty of days that are way over what the average temperature suggests.

Hours of Sunshine

The hours of sunshine in Gran Canaria in April now increases to 8 hours. There will be close to 12 hours of total daylight after the arrival of spring. The hours of sunshine will keep increasing before peaking at 10 hours in the height of summer. This month will still see plenty of overcast days but the sun will be warm enough to burn through the clouds.

Sea Temperature

Windsurfing, Gran CanariaThe average sea temperature in Gran Canaria in April is 19 Celsius. This may be on the cold side still for some but the beaches will now see more activity. The beginning of the month sees the temperature remain at the year low. The sea does begin to warm a touch towards the en of April and will end the month on 20 Celsius. Water sports such as windsurfing are popular on this island if this is your sort of thing. This is a good resource for current and future sea temperatures in Gran Canaria.

Rainfall in April

April tends to see only 1 – 2 days rainfall on average as rain becomes more scarce. Most of the rain here tends to arrive in the winter months and decreases through spring. March has over double the rainfall of April and the precipitation is low when it arrives. There is a good chance that this month will see the last of the rain for months. The summer months tend to be quite barren, May could see the odd shower but not much more than that.

More Weather in Gran Canaria

So now you know more about the weather in Gran Canaria in April. The links below will take you to our yearly and March weather pages.

Gran Canaria Weather inĀ April Facts

Below are some facts about the weather in Gran Canaria in April.

  • The average daily temperature is 20 Celsius
  • The Sea temperature is 19 Celsius
  • There are 8 hours of daily sunshine
  • Average of 1 – 2 days rainfall
  • Daily high of 23 Celsius
  • Daily low of 16 Celsius

Things to do in April

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